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About Jacob Blacks Vacation Rental
Forks is a small community that was once known for its abundant ocean and river fishing. Forty years ago Lapush hosted a marina full of commercial fishing boats.  Deep sea fishing was at a premium and the Lapush reservation was teaming with fishermen, restaurants, and resorts.  In nearby Forks the logging was booming, it was a prosperous time when the roads were full of log trucks carrying logs that were the size of the truck itself. Shingle mills, logging companies, and lumber mills kept the town and economy alive and well.  Over the last twenty years, the economy has shifted to tourism. Lapush lodging and tourism has flourished with the Twilight saga bringing a big boon to the growth.

 Jacob Black's Vacation Rental began during the Twilight craze.  The house was hand built and hand crafted with old growth fir framework and cedar paneling. It was first built in the 1950's as a small family home with little money and whole lot of ingenuity. In the 1970's an addition was added as the family grew and the home now boasts a master bedroom and bath and two family rooms. A country kitchen accommodated the cooking of many meals for the farmhands and hay crews that worked in the fields surrounding the house. Cows still graze in the fields in the summer and elk herds populate the field in the winter.

Linda Middleton manages the property, she is the co-owner of the family owned business. Linda is the Executive Director and founder of a large non-profit, Concerned Citizens, (go to concernedcitizenspnw.org for more information about this wonderful non-profit).  When Carl moved out of the house he built after sixty five years of living there, fifty of them with his soulmate Mary, his children decided to turn it into a vacation rental. It was first themed for the Twilight saga and Jacob Black, but as the popularity of the book and movie recede into the background the natural beauty, beaches and fishing return to the forefront.It has now been a vacation rental since 2010 and has many great reviews and compliments from the many people who have stayed there. See Homeaway.com and VRBO.com for reviews for Jacobblackshouse.com. 

This is not just a business but our home, and we love sharing it with you. What an amazing place to live, raise a family, and create your own small world.  We hope you will enjoy it as well. Linda Middleton
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8320 Lapush Rd,
Forks WA. 98331
(360) 640-0238